Polypropylene Boxes

Document wallet packaging by Vycon

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About polypropylene boxes


Polypropylene boxes website is a division of Vycon Products Ltd. Vycon Products has been manufacturing and supplying presentation products for over 40 years and have developed an expertise in offering a professional, fast turn around service coupled with an uncompromising standard of product quality. All aspects of the polypropylene box manufacture are carried out "in house" meaning that every aspect of production and quality is controlled from start to finish. Based in Kilmarnock, Scotland, we supply throughout the UK.


Polypropylene document boxes are commonly used in seminars, conferences, training sessions and for storing loose documents and information packs. Our document boxes are easily printed and can either come as a standard A4 or A5 size or custom made to your own specifications.

Polypropylene is a light weight material with a high tensile strength giving good resistance towards stress and cracking. Polypropylene is not readily affected by moisture and remains unaffected by strong chemicals such as alkaline substances, acids, or de-greasing agents. It is a non poisonous material. It does not get stained very easily. It can be easily fabricated and recycled. It can retain its stiffness and flexibility even at very high temperatures.


Polypropylene Document Boxes can be printed from a single colour to full a colour photographic image on a wide range of coloured stock of varying gauges and finishes.  Polyprop boxes can be manufactured from a wide diversity of opaque colours which can be closely matched to corporate colours or from clear, frosty and translucent polypropylene which allows the contents within the box to create the image.

Polyprop boxes are reusable, collapsible, strong and very light. These factors not only facilitate the ease of transportation but also deliver a simple, safe and efficient storage of documents, magazines or books. At Polypropbox, we can either supply the document boxes made up or flat.






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