Polypropylene Boxes

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Manufacturing Process


At Vycon we manufacture in the UK and take great care at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that the product is exactly to specifications. Over the years we have developed a broad selection of tooling covering a wide range of applications allowing our customers to select their desired style without the need to pay for expensive additional tooling costs. Just ask one of our professional advisors for advice!


Polypropylene sheet is supplied flat normally with an overall dimension of 650mm x 1200mm. The sheets are cut down to size using the guillotine. The sheets are then silk screen printed or lithoprinted depending on the style of print required. Most of our polyprop boxes are printed 1 or 2 colours through the silkscreen printing process which not only allows a strong portrayal of corporate image but is also economical to produce compared with other printing methods. The boxes are then stamped out using a state of the art heated platen press which leaves edges with a round smooth finish. This is not only important from an ergonomical point of view but also to ensure that, aesthetically, the product is as good as it can be. Finally, the boxes are folded and put together packed ready for delivery. At polypropylene boxes we can either supply the boxes flat or made up as a finished unit. Either way, we can help save costs: transportation costs by sending the boxes out flat or assembly costs by providing the service of making up the boxes at no additional cost to the customer.

We have been manufacturing presentation products for over 40 years and consider ourselves to be leaders in our field. Every aspect of our manufacturing process is treated with care and we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, efficient service while looking after the bottom line.




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