Polypropylene Boxes

Document wallet packaging by Vycon

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Presentation Boxes

Standard Range

Presentation boxes from our standard range of polypropylene document boxes consists of a popular range of sizes where the tooling and flat polypropylene material is held in stock ensuring competitive pricing and speedy turnaround, white, back and translucent frosted is always held flat in stock.


Colours & Styles

Polypropylene is an ideal material as a promotional document holder and can be manufactured in a wide range of colours and styles. Our standard range consists of two sizes: boxes to hold A4 documents, and boxes to hold A5 documents. The standard box capacities are 15mm, 25mm and 40mm. These capacities exist for both A4 and A5.

The standard opaque range of polypropylene material presents a diverse variety of popular colours with bold and eye-catching shades. Opaque boxes have the advantage that they discretely hide the content within the box which is ideal for containing reports, financial documents or client information. The aesthetic quality of the box can be enhanced with a silkscreen print, company logo or image allowing personalisation as well as brand promotion. The opaque polypropylene range delivers a traditional, classic look and is an ideal promotional tool where a print can be closely matched to corporate colours or branded events. Polypropylene boxes allow documents to be easily accessible, easily stored and easily transported. They are waterproof so that that the contents are kept safe and dry whenever exposed to outdoor, moist or damp conditions.

In addition to the opaque range of colours we also provide clear frosty polyprop within our standard range. The clear frosty polypropylene material provides gloss and clarity to the box giving a clean and subtly pure image taking advantage of the printed content graphic design. The polypropylene is glossed on the internal face of the material providing a unique sparkle finish. When combined with a simple print, the result is professional and contemporary.


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