Polypropylene Boxes

Document wallet packaging by Vycon

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Printed Polypropylene ring binders


Printed ring binders can be an excellent storage facility where a ring mechanism is used to hold a large amount of information, with the ability to add additional sheets when required or change titles when needed onto a 2,3 or 4 ring, they can be manufactured in polypropylene or the traditional PVC over board.




A full colour image in either Digital, Litho print or a single spot colour there are various options depending on your branding and budget - more branded / custom binders





Plastic pillars can be fitted instead of a ring mechanisum





Or add a press fastener with a fold over flap

binder with flap



Paper sheets can be inserted under clear PVC (card encapsulation) or riveted under clear / frosty polypropylene (card wrap) to give a full colour image on small quantity runs.






Litho print gives the ultimate print image quality giving high colour photographic and complicated print designs.

Foil blocking imprints a bright shiny surface in a variety of colours and finishes.

To view more bespoke binders - www.vycon.co.uk/bespoke binders








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